Gordon Francis BSc. CCHT.


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Gordon has more than 30 years of experience in a variety of leadership positions in both the private and public sectors. He is an entrepreneur, a business builder, and a problem solver.  Gordon has conceived, developed, and divested two high-tech businesses.

Gordon is most happy, and most successful, when working in complex, multi-stakeholder environments that are resistant to change or that may be challenged with competing priorities. In these contexts, Gordon has consistently found a way to make lasting change, and to establish a high-performing workforce that is the foundation of corporate and public sector excellence.


Gordon earned a Bachelors of Science with Distinction in Computer Science (University of Victoria, 1988). Gordon is certified with the American Council of Hypnotic Examiners as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and he runs a private hypnosis clinic on weekends.

Gordon and his wife of 30 years live just outside Edmonton where they have raised three children.

Brandy Payne BJourn.


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Brandy is life-long advocate for personal health and well-being, especially mental well-being. Brandy’s career, and her life path, have been about adapting, flexing, and ‘digging-in’ as dictated by her principles and her intention to be a catalyst for progressive, positive change.

In 2015, Brandy was elected to the Government of Alberta for the electoral district of Calgary-Acadia. She served as an MLA for four years. In 2016, Brandy was appointed as the Associate Minister for Health, responsible for Mental Health and Addictions, a Cabinet post that she held for more than two years.

Brandy earned a Bachelors of Journalism in 2000 (Carleton University) and was trained as Project Manager in 2007 (Mount Royal University). Brandy is also certified by the Canadian Mental Health Association as a Workplace Psychological Health & Safety Advisor, and as a Wellness Works Canada Training Affiliate.

Brandy and her husband live in Calgary, where they are raising two incredibly cute girls.

Services / Values / Privacy


  • Elephanté provides mental health data capture and data reporting services for business.

  • Elephanté does not deliver healthcare services or refer to healthcare providers.

  • Elephanté captures data health information by way of a simple questionnaire that takes 2 minutes to complete.

  • Subscribing businesses receive comprehensive reports on a monthly basis.  Sample reports are here.


  • Provided sufficient questionnaires are submitted, Elephanté reports can provide statistically supported evidence on workforce mental health status, associated risk factors, and changes to mental health over time.

  • This quantitative evidence can support improved decision-making to address known concerns, and to inform proactive initiatives associated with workforce well-being.

  • By subscribing to the service, employers encourage a culture that recognizes the importance of mental well-being in the workplace and so normalizes conversation, and action, that promotes good mental health.

Privacy and Security

  • Elephanté will never disclose the identity of individuals who complete the questionnaire.

  • Elephanté will never release information that would allow subscribers or any third party, to deduce personal identities.

  • Elephanté may provide datasets to government or academic institutions.  Such data sets will be anonymized and will not identify subscribing businesses or individuals, either directly, or by deduction.

  • See our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for details.