Workforce Mental Health

Data Capture and Reporting

Elephanté provides business owners and executives with quantitative and statistically sound measures of the mental well-being of their workforce over time.


With Elephanté, businesses can identify and address areas of risk, create informed programs, and make policy decisions to support mental health, reduce absenteeism, and improve productivity.


Elephanté services are anonymous. Individual identities are always protected.

"Under-managed mental health in the workforce is the Elephanté in the room."


For Employees

You can participate by completing the mental health questionnaire as often as you like. It takes two minutes. It's free.

Your employer may provide you with an authentication code which you enter when you register. Your identity is always 100% protected.

For Businesses

Businesses that subscribe to our service will receive company-specific mental health status reports showing the anonymized mental health of their staff.

Reports show trends over time, and include comprehensive comparative analysis with similar businesses.

For Government & Researchers

We provide governments with anonymized data on the mental health of populations by jurisdiction to inform policy making.


For academics, we provide mental health data-sets to support mental health research including AI-enabled research.