Your Mental Wellness

Compared to Others Like You

When you complete the Elephanté questionnaire, we will send you a report that shows how your mental wellness compares to other people like you.

The questionnaire takes 2 minutes to complete. It's free. You can complete it as often as you like.

This is a confidential service. Your identity is always protected.

How It Works

For Individuals

Your mental wellness report will let you know how you compare to others like you. Measuring your wellbeing is an important step in maintaining mental health over time.

Individual mental wellness reports are always free. The questionnaire takes 2 minutes, and your confidentiality is always assured.

For Business

Businesses that subscribe to our service will receive company-specific, anonymized mental wellness status reports.

Reports show trends over time, and include a comparative analysis with similar businesses.

For Research

Qualified researchers may subscribe to access anonymized Elephanté dataset that shows the mental wellness of a populations by jurisdiction to inform research.

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